Bronte Family Orthodontics *Day 1- Having your Braces Placed

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The day is finally here! You are having your braces put on and you must be wondering what exactly that appointment entails. Well we are here to answer that question and provide a description of your first day with braces —>

At Bronte Family Orthodontics we treat you with the most gentle of care, each step in the process is done with purpose and respect. You will be greeted with warmth and kindness, your coat hung by the door and a warm cup of tea while you wait. Although we tend to run right on schedule so you may prefer to have your tea waiting for you when you’ve finished.

You will be brought into our clean and bright clinic area and sat in a very comfortable clinic chair as we prepare your choice of brace. Each visit is quite similar despite the style of braces that you choose.

—> Firstly Dr. Aggarwal will place the “Nola”, this is a plastic mouthpiece that is placed in the mouth to help keep your teeth dry and your mouth open just wide enough to place the braces.

—> The “Etch” is then placed on the surface of each tooth, this is a dental specific solution that will roughen the surface of the tooth to allow the dental glue to stick to the tooth surface. Afterwards the glue is gently brushed on the tooth and hardened by a curing light which will appear to you as a short blue flash. It is best to avoid looking at the light as it is very bright.

—> After the glue is placed the bracket has its own additional glue that we call “composite”. The composite is added to the back of the bracket and then pressed firmly on the tooth. It will be held on the tooth for a few seconds until the bracket is in the perfect position. The light is used one last time to ensure the bracket is firmly bonded to the tooth.

—> Once the brackets are all bonded one by one, then we attach the arch wire. The arch wire is one long wire that runs from one side of the mouth to the other. One wire will be attached on the top and one on the bottom. The wire is cut to the perfect size just for you and your mouth.

—> Lastly we attach a small elastic over the top of the wire and around each brace, we call this a ligature. The ligatures are only placed where the wire is fairly straight. In the areas where the wire is not as straight we place a thin wire which is also called a ligature. The elastic ligatures come in many different colours and are changed at every adjustment visit.

Stay tuned for the next blog when we will discuss the tips and tricks to feel your best after your braces have been placed!

Thank you so much for reading with us 🙂


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