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Choosing the type of braces you want to wear can be a little overwhelming. We know that everyone is unique, and we reflect that in the treatments that we offer. No matter your age, your lifestyle, or even just your preference, we have many treatment options to choose from.

These Include:

Traditional Metal Braces

Metal Braces

  • Most common type of Braces
  • Made of high-grade stainless steel
  • Using metal brackets and archwires, straighten your teeth.
  • Low-profile braces. Smaller and less protrusive than most other braces.
  • OPTIONAL: elastic ligatures (“donuts”) available in single or multi-colours


Dr. Aggarwal is a Certified Invisalign Provider in Milton, ON

  • Uses a series of invisible, removable, and comfortable aligners that no one can tell you’re wearing.
  • Made with 3-D computer imaging technology and has been proven effective.
  • A comfortable option. No metal to cause abrasions during treatment.
  • Aligners are removable, making tasks normally found inconvenient, no problem.
  • Aligners are replaced every 2 weeks, replaced with the next one in the series, straightening your teeth, little by little.

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  • Made of clear materials
  • Less visible than metal braces.
  • While less noticeable, require more care and attention to oral hygiene.
  • More brittle than their metal counterpart, Ceramic Braces require careful dietary attention.
  • Commonly used on upper front teeth rather than on lower teeth.


  • Custom-made gold braces bonded to the inside of the teeth
  • Completely invisible from the outside.
  • An excellent cosmetic option.
  • Can handle cases that are too strenuous for invisalign.
Incognito Braces

Preventive Orthodontics

Attacking the problem early means solving future complications. Many orthodontic complications are easier to correct if detected at an early age.

Depending on how much your child’s teeth have developed, we can help catch it before it even begins.

Phase 1 – Interceptive Treatment:

Usually occurring between the ages of 7 to 10, Phase 1 is the use of a limited orthodontic treatment; This is done by the way of a retainer, or in some cases, partial braces. Typically this only occurs before all of the permanent teeth sprout.

Phase 2 – Comprehensive Treatment:

Once all your permanent teeth have become fixed inside your mouth, typically from the ages of 11-13, Comprehensive Treatment is now a viable option. This involves affixing full braces to all of your teeth.


Mouth Guards

If you are not in braces but play a contact sport, then please think of us to help protect your pearly whites against damage with a custom mouth guard.

First, the Dental Assistant will take an impression of your teeth and then a professional laboratory moulds the mouthguard over the model using a special material. You can choose from several colours!

If you are between the ages of 10 and 13 and a Milton, ON resident we are happy to offer you your mouthguard for free!