Why choose Invisalign for your Teen?

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Has your Orthodontist recommended Invisalign ? Here’s why…


Have you walked into a consultation with your Orthodontist expecting to have only one

choice- Braces ? You may have been surprised when they showed you Invisalign!


Here are a few reasons why Invisalign is a great choice for you and your teen:


1. Comfort – Wearing Invisalign aligners instead of braces makes a world of difference. Ditching those painful wires for smooth and effortless Invisalign aligners

2. Eating – Eating with braces can be so awkward, painful and messy. Avoid having your lunch stuck in your braces by swapping them out for Invisalign. Invisalign can be easily removed, allowing you to enjoy eat anything you would like.

3. Free Replacement Aligners – When using Invisalign Teen you can enjoy free replacement aligners. That means no worries for mom and dad. Although this feature is amazing, it is rarely used as most people will complete treatment without losing any of the aligners.

4. Confidence – Most teens struggle with their confidence and are trying to feel confident in their own skin. Give your teen a running start in their social groups by skipping the embarrassing braces stage. Straighten your teeth without anyone noticing.

5. Saving Time – When your teen wears Invisalign there is no need for cooking special soft meals (requires with braces) and no bother to rush into the office for a repair if your teen eats something that can break the braces. Invisalign allows you to continue with your busy life without any interruption.


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