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Braces vs. Invisalign
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In many cases, it’s possible to treat your orthodontic needs through either Invisalign or traditional braces. Here are a few differences and similarities between the two to help inform you before you make a decision.   Similarities 1. Same quality of results. Invisalign is as effective as braces because...Continued
Why choose Invisalign for your Teen?
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Has your Orthodontist recommended Invisalign ? Here’s why…   Have you walked into a consultation with your Orthodontist expecting to have only one choice- Braces ? You may have been surprised when they showed you Invisalign!   Here are a few reasons why Invisalign is a great choice for...Continued
Say Hello to AcceleDent Aura
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Take a look at one of the newest dental appliances available!     AcceleDent provides considerable relief during orthodontic treatment. Offering a drastically faster result through the use of bone regeneration technology. The very same technology that has been used for the past ten+ years in the practice of...Continued
Introducing the Itero Scanner
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What does this state of the art digital scanner mean for you? Immediate delivery to Invisalign Faster, More Comfortable Visits Flexible Appointment Times 1st Invisalign Appointment without the Itero 1 Hour Invisalign appointment with the Itero 15 Minutes Straightening your teeth has never been more comfortable than now. Taking...Continued
Bronte Family Orthodontics – Community Involvement
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At Bronte Family Orthodontics we love to participate in your community! These past few months Dr. Aggarwal and Shelby have been especially busy visiting schools and events in the community. We have donated to the MDExpress group of Milton District High School this year and we are so happy to...Continued
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