Why choose Invisalign for your Teen?

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Has your Orthodontist recommended Invisalign ? Here’s why…   Have you walked into a consultation with your Orthodontist expecting to have only one choice- Braces ? You may have been surprised when they showed you Invisalign!   Here are a few reasons why Invisalign is a great choice for you and your teen:   1. Comfort – Wearing Invisalign aligners instead of braces makes a world of difference. Ditching those painful wires for smooth and effortless Invisalign aligners 2. Eating – Eating with braces can be so awkward, painful and messy. Avoid having your lunch stuck in your braces by swapping … Continued

Introducing the Itero Scanner

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What does this state of the art digital scanner mean for you? Immediate delivery to Invisalign Faster, More Comfortable Visits Flexible Appointment Times 1st Invisalign Appointment without the Itero 1 Hour Invisalign appointment with the Itero 15 Minutes Straightening your teeth has never been more comfortable than now. Taking records prior to treatment with zero pain or discomfort is incredible. Treatment starts and ends with a wonderful experience with Itero, Invisalign and with us at Bronte Family Orthodontics. Read more about Invisalign, and Itero

Bronte Family Orthodontics – Community Involvement

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At Bronte Family Orthodontics we love to participate in your community! These past few months Dr. Aggarwal and Shelby have been especially busy visiting schools and events in the community. We have donated to the MDExpress group of Milton District High School this year and we are so happy to be a part of their wonderful group! They support teens in the arts such as music, art, drama and so many other wonderful and creative outlets ! MDExpress also Supports Mental Health Awareness and caring for ourselves through expression and creativity. We were also thrilled to visit Anne J MacArthur for … Continued

FREE Mouth guard Clinic

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We are holding a FREE mouth guard clinic for all Milton sports teams, ages 8-14 from March 14th-24th! We invite all Milton Sports Teams to join us for our sports guard clinic! Call to schedule your 10 minute appointment today. After your impression visit we will send your mould to the laboratory to be fabricated in any colour that you choose! The colours available are Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Yellow, Orange, White, Clear and even Black. Sports Guards are recommended in almost every contact sport and will help greatly to protect your teeth from injury and have even been suggested … Continued

Mothers Day Poem Contest

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Mothers day is fast approaching and what is a better way to spoil your mom than with a gift basket!! This year we have partners with Blue Room Spa & Wax Bar  at 13 Charles St in Milton, ON for a Mothers Day poem contest. To enter your very own poem simply send us an email and you are automatically entered to win a gift basket from The Blue Room Spa & Wax Bar valued at $150.00. Your poem can be any length as long as it reflects how you feel about your Mother or Mothers Day in general. All poems will … Continued

Bronte Family Orthodontics *Day 1- Having your Braces Placed

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The day is finally here! You are having your braces put on and you must be wondering what exactly that appointment entails. Well we are here to answer that question and provide a description of your first day with braces —> At Bronte Family Orthodontics we treat you with the most gentle of care, each step in the process is done with purpose and respect. You will be greeted with warmth and kindness, your coat hung by the door and a warm cup of tea while you wait. Although we tend to run right on schedule so you may prefer … Continued

Bronte Family Orthodontics- Diagnostic Records

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Most people see the words Diagnostic Records & Case Analysis and think…hmm, what could that be? Well we understand this and want to make education a big part of what we do. We also want our patients to understand every step of their treatment because understanding the procedure and the reason for treatment will erase any anxiety or fears related to Orthodontics. Well, we hope it will :)The first step in your records appointment will be to fill out a Medical History form as well as the Consent for Treatment. This information is standard for any Orthodontic treatment and will … Continued

Bronte Family Orthodontics – Consult

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Have you ever wondered what to expect at your first Orthodontic Consultation? Here are 3 things to expect when visiting Bronte Family Orthodontics Click here to see our website 1. The moment you walk through the doors at Bronte Family Orthodontics you will be greeted by Shelby the Office Manager and Natasha our Level II Dental Assistant. Everyone will be expecting you, because YOU are our main event. We appreciate your time and know that you have a busy schedule, that is why we make staying on schedule a high priority. Firstly we will ask you to fill out a short … Continued

How to Protect Your Braces During Sports Activities

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Proper mouth protection is recommended by Bronte Orthodontics when you participate in any sports activities. If you wear braces, this protection becomes essential. Injuries to your mouth can not only damage your teeth, but your braces could break and cut open your lip. Full Facial Guards Full facial guards are often used in football and offer protection to your mouth from most injuries. Even with full facial protection, you may benefit from additional mouth protection. While your face is protected from outside impact, you could still suffer from cuts or damage to your braces from internal impact. Mouthguards Mouthguards referred … Continued

How Braces Can Work at Any Age

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Are you an adult who is considering getting braces? Perhaps you’ve had them before, but over the years that dental work has been reversed. Or maybe you’ve never had any orthodontic work done, but are considering braces for the first time. In either case, Bronte Orthodontics can help you enjoy straighter teeth, an improved bite, and a more beautiful smile. If you are considering getting braces, here is what you need to know about adult orthodontic work from Dr. Manish Aggarwal. Can braces work for adults? Absolutely! Braces work for just about anyone. However, there are several different types of … Continued

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